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Hello nerdy millennials, remember G4TV a channel for gamers by gamers? Pretty sad when it died right? Then low and Behold we got an announcement that G4 was coming back. I was excited too. Then it came out and I completely forgot about it. Then it died again. But this time it felt more like a murder mystery. The last time the channel died it was due to not enough programming and marathons of the COPS. How does a channel about video games and nerd culture fail in 2022? I have a few thoughts on it that I’d like to share.

Okay, let's address the Red Herring. Frosk had a rant if you haven't seen it ill link it here FROSK: G4 Meltdown (Remastered to 4K/60fps) - YouTube Now that you're back there are a few things that went down in this rant that were right and wrong. Is there Sexism in Gaming? Hell yes, that is not even a question. There are countless videos of guys being sexist in gaming. Then there is the Blizzard entertainment harassment controversy. So yeah she's right. But when the rant starts to go into bringing up Oliva Munn and how she wasn’t being used for her looks.

Don’t get me wrong she is a gamer and comic book nerd. She also happens to be hot and she has used that combo to get where she wants to be. She was objectified, but she was in on it. Now anything after that isn't right like comparing them or saying who is more bangable. That's just tasteless. When she said “if yall don’t like it ……… peace” I’m all for it. But that was the signal for the exodus of subscribers. But if we're being honest the channel was dead before that. Frosk is nothing more than a distraction. But I did find it funny how the channel backed Frosk's statement, but the very next week they had less frosk and more.

When Comcast said they would be funding the channel it was only a matter of time till it died. When g4 died in 2013 we had a whole new world of content creators making their own versions of G4 on Youtube and Twitch. There was no need for a larger studio and thousands of dollars in cameras. A staff of 20 writers? Unnecessary, you literally hired Youtubers who have a larger reach than you that do it for less than half of the money your putting into it. But still not the killer.

These two guys alone combined have 4 million subscribers. The most I saw G4 with was maybe 200k. As a TV channel, they had the LOWEST VIEWERSHIP in 2022. From 8-10 pm during the week they only pulled 1000 viewers a week.

G4tv killer is G4tv itelf. When the channel was originally created it ruled for a time because there was 0 competition. In 2021 their once niche idea was now everywhere. To come back as a large-scale channel was a suicide mission. They were destroyed by a market that doesn't need them anymore. They came in trying to do too much. Despite the talent there, Comcast only cares about numbers and the numbers to them say DOA. Could G4TV even work in today's landscape? I think so but they didn’t wanna do the work. They didn't wanna be simplified. They tried to make us filet Mignon but all we asked for was a burger & fries. Here lies G4TV they never stood a chance.


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