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Top 10 anime to watch right now in 2023

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

A new season of anime is here and it has us all in my feels with new anime like Nier Automata, Reboots with Trigun, and second seasons like Tokyo Revengers. The best part is you can watch these gems right now. Here is our top 10 anime to watch in 2023

1. Nier Automata - With the success of the same title game fans had high hopes and equally high excitement for Nier Automata. With Aniplex producing the game adaptation the same studio that made Full Metal Alchemist and Sword Art Online it’s in good hands. You can watch it now on Crunchyroll

2. Bofuri I’m afraid of getting hurt so I’ll max out my defense. - Yup, that is the full title. To catch you up on the first season we meet Maple, an absolutely new gamer whose friend long-time gamer Sally talks her into buying the latest full-dive MMORPG. Since it’s the first time she put all her points into, you guessed it her defense. After that, she finds some interesting ways to play the game. And now you can binge season 1 and go right into season two on Hulu or Crunchyroll

3. Vinland Saga - Season 2 of this high-action anime is sure to be just as good as the first. We continue following Thorfinn this time he’s not slashing his way through England but living a quiet life on a farm. The animation is amazing, but we didn’t expect anything less from MAPPA. Definitely add this to your watch list if you have seen season one already and if you haven’t what are you waiting for?

4. Misfit of Demon King Academy - The demon king has risen and is in the body of a high school student named Anos Voldigoad reborn where his bloodline is all but gone and those above him are fighting for his throne.

5. Handyman from another world. Saitou finds himself in a fantasy world of sword and sorcery. How he ended up there isn’t shown in the first ep but he uses his handyman skills to help a group of adventures find loot and lockpick doors and chest if only his handyman skills can tell if the chest is a mimic or not.

6. Tokyo Revengers. - Not necessarily an Isekai but Takemichi learned he can jump back and forth through time to save his girlfriend, her brother, and his future by mixing with japans most brutal gangs. Each time he uses his power the future is affected. What will we see in this new season what new gang members will make an appearance? The first season was amazing I don’t expect this season to be any different

7. By the Grace of The Gods -

Is an anime series that follows the story of Ryoma Takebayashi, a man who was reincarnated as a child after dying in a tragic accident. In his new life, Ryoma is blessed with three powerful divine beings who serve as his guardian angels and help him navigate his new life. In the series' first season, Ryoma begins his new life as a child and quickly discovers that he has been reborn with extraordinary abilities. He can communicate with animals, has superhuman strength, and can learn new skills and knowledge at an accelerated rate. With the help of his guardian angels, Ryoma sets out on a journey to build a new life for himself and make the most of his second chance. Along the way, he meets new friends, confronts challenges, and begins to uncover the secrets of his past life.Overall, the first season of "By the Grace of the Gods" is an enjoyable and heartwarming tale of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery.

8. Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc - 4th Season of one of the best animes ever. Each season keeps getting better and better. This time we catch up with Tanjaro and his friends with a new Hashirama. If you read the manga you know what to expect but the fighting visuals of this one are still something to watch. The next season comes out in April but It’ll be worth the wait.

9. The Tale of Outcasts - Demons, demon Hunters, and a girl looking to make a deal to escape a life of abuse. The first episode was a great start to an anime that has the mixings to be something great.

10. Trigun Stampede - Vash is back! And let me be the first to eat crow I was not liking the new animation style but after the first episode and seeing Vash is still his goofy aloof self I’m excited. The rest of the gang hasn't shown up yet except for a young Meryl Stryfe which makes me wonder where does this take place? It's not the Trigun I grew up loving but If it keeps going like this it will be a stronger contender for anime of the year

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