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The Darkest Tales

Have you ever wondered what fairy tales would look like if the happy ending never happened? The Darkest Tales shows the sinister side of your favorite childhood stories in all their grim glory. Play as Teddy, a grumpy and cynical toy bear, who nevertheless has a kind heart and a strong sense of justice. In order to save his dear owner Alicia, he’ll have to journey through a world of twisted, nightmarish fairy tales. Join him and find out how this story ends!

Features Fairy tales without the happy ending Journey through various locations telling the twisted other side of fairy tales: from sunny forests to bottomless ocean depths. Stay on your toes, for danger lurks around every corner, and the monsters are ever vigilant. Even a cute rubber duck can’t wait to sink its teeth into Teddy! Familiar characters you know and love You’ll meet plenty of characters you’ve known since childhood, but they may not be how you remember them. Gingerbread men want to rip apart anything that moves, Sleeping Beauty hasn’t slept in centuries, and the Little Mermaid is more Sea Hag than Ocean Princess.

Armaments for a bear Teddy may be a plushy toy, but he’s far from harmless. He’s armed with dual blades taken from scissors, and a bow with arrows made of thread and needles. But that’s not all: you’ll find more weapons throughout your journey, including a battle axe and even a powerful cannon. Use everything at your disposal to destroy the evil! Skill Tree Become faster, tougher and deadlier to stand up to the bloodthirsty nightmares. You can unlock a new skill in every location to make Teddy stronger, and the skill tree will help you choose the right loadout for the task at hand. Action adventure The Darkest Tales will be released on October 13th on Steam, 101XP Store, GOG, EGS, Stove, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation versions will arrive a little later. Amerime Media's official review will go live Saturday Night. Stay Tuned!

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