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Spy X Family: Best family in anime

Spy X Family is one of the most popular anime series in recent times and for a good reason! In a day and age where comedy doesn’t seem to be as good as used to be, here we have a story that combines comedy with a lot of good action and a proper sense of family, which adds something different to the equation. If you have been watching anime for a while now, you are familiar with a lot of the usual tropes of the industry, but this one knows how to stick to the


For people that are not familiar with the plot of Spy X Family, this story is about how the two rival nations known as Westalis and Ostania are waging a Cold War of sorts and there are a lot of the usual espionage tropes to go by, which is something that becomes a common theme throughout the series. In this particular context, Westalis send their best agent, Twilight, to do a bit of spy work on a politician from Ostania.

However, there is a twist: in order for Twilight to do this mission, he must get a fake family to blend in with the crowd. This is how we get the context for Spy X Family, and this is how we get the ball rolling in both the anime and the original manga series that came out in 2019.

The thing that makes this series so successful is its proper balance. There is a lot of comedy here, but there are also a lot of action thriller scenes that allow people to enjoy it from many different angles. Sometimes stories tend to focus on a very particular theme or element, but here you have a little bit of everything, and this makes for a lot of enjoyment regardless of what we are seeing.

It’s also refreshing to see two adult protagonists in an anime series. Nothing wrong with having teenagers or even kids as the heroes of the story but is a welcomed change of pace and it adds a bit to the themes of family and union in the story. You also have the political and war themes that are always present, helping to build up the tension and the stakes, which is always important in a thriller of this nature.


The supposed star of the show is Loid Forger. Codename: Twilight. The absolute best spy in the world tasked with the mission of saving the world. Only one problem he has to rely on other people. Lloyd is a world-class manipulator master of disguise he could be your best friend, boss, or janitor. He is whoever he needs to be to get the job done. But can he fool himself into thinking he's a husband and a father?

Beautiful and Deadly very deadly. Yor or Yor forger if anyone asking.

Codename: The Thorn Princess. Her past is mysterious a killer from a very young age having to provide for her younger brother who can't or doesn't want to see pass his sister's perfection. Yor posing as a housekeeper she ran into Lloyd by mistake, and they decided to help each other out. As hard as they try to fake it both Loid and Yor are starting to like this family life.

The actual star of the show. Anya forger. No codename but has a special ability. The ability to read minds that how she won her spot in this trio. Tricking Loid into thinking she was a genius by reading his mind. But can she do it to a whole school of actual born-bred geniuses? She has to the fate of the world is at stake.


The animation is clean, bright, and very serviceable. It works quite well with the story they are trying to tell, and it stays quite true to the material that we see in the manga, allowing us to enjoy this product in its true form. This also helps in the action scenes, which are definitely one of the strongest points of the entire story and is something very exciting to watch.

Overall, Spy X Family seems to be following the lead of recent worldwide phenomena in anime such as My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and Jujutsu Kaisen as one of the most successful franchises in the entire world when it comes to this industry, so there is a lot to like from this series. It might be anime of the year


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