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BATMAN "a salty review"

By Corey Floyd

Warner Bros has not handled DC live-action films with care. But over the last few years, they have shown some shining moments. Shazam, The Suicide Squad, and The Snyder cut of the Justice League are great stories. So, when they said Mat Reeves was doing a Batman movie, I was pretty excited. Then when they announced that Robert Pattinson would be our new Batman, I was a little upset. It wasn't because of Pattinson I'm not gonna judge him off films from 10 years ago. I've seen his recent works and he is amazing. I was upset because I didn't get a chance to see Affleck's Batman have a story of his own. That's the way the Batarang crumbles. But out with the old in with the new and this movie give us something that we have never seen before on film from the cape crusader. A detective story.

The Batman takes place only 2 years into him wearing the cape and cowl. Gotham now looks like a place all of its own creation. The Nolan films had it all in Chicago whereas now I couldn't pin it down. This is not a world of metahumans this world of just full of people doing what they have to stay alive. Street gangs and the Mafia have a chokehold on the city.

Meanwhile, the Batman takes to the streets every night but feels like he's not making a dent. Then things take a turn for the stranger when we meet the Riddler. The Riddler in most media is an eccentric man with a genius intellect and a taste for green suits.

Has now been turned into less quirky and more serial. The film starts with him stalking the mayor and killing him in a brutal fashion all while leaving a series of clues, especially for batman to find. Reeves took a lot of information and details about the Zodiac Killer from the 70s and made the Riddler we have in the film.

He even made his own version of the puzzles he sent. Even the symbol is similar

Paul Dano does an excellent job of capturing the character. His performance is chilling.

Colin Farrel as the Penguin is amazing. I’m surprised, to be honest. He was having a dry spell, and this is a great return to form and a huge shoutout to the makeup department he is unrecognizable.

Zoe Kravitz does a great job as Catwoman. She captures a lot of the best qualities of the character that I've seen in most versions. But I see a lot of her protection of women or sex workers in this which reminds me of year one. I don't know who said she was too urban to be Catwoman but whoever it was, was an asshole. My only gripe is not her performance but her appearance, mainly the headpiece. It looks ridiculous and looks like a shitty knit hat bought at a bodega then she took it home and cut out a place for her eyes to look like a stealthy Dumb Donald (it's from fat Albert google it). Would it have been so hard to do this?

It's very hard to compare “who is the better batman” because each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. In the new film, we all know who is doing the crime. But why he's doing it is where things get interesting. That's why I can say that this is the best detective Batman out right now. I want everyone to get a chance to see this in theaters it's definitely an experience. It will be available on HBO max in April, I hope you have great surround sound you will need it. Marvel is coming around the corner but for now, Batman is on top.

The Batman: Final Grade A

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