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Hot off the press!

Game Introduction

KAKU: Ancient Seal is a relaxing and delightful adventure game. Because of an ancient war, the continent has been torn apart. There are many amazing things on this continent for players to explore: from the many different creatures that inhabit it, to the Ponpon Clan (that can be either friends or enemies), and even many mysterious ruins that are waiting for people to explore them. A young man named Kaku is ready to start his great adventure on this huge continent with his partner, a little crimson pig.

Game Story

Kaku, a young man who lived alone on a snowy mountain for many years, never thought about what the world outside looked like. As a little boy, he retained his curiosity and recklessness; when the ancient keeper from the mysterious ruins told him that he is going to start an adventure with a pig, he couldn’t stop himself from imagining what kind of things they are going to find. Maybe some legendary creatures are waiting for him somewhere in the world - some that are good and kind, some that are snippy and inimical. Or maybe there are some evil enemies who want to do bad things, and he needs to fight with them. But he’ll never know unless he sets food on this journey. For now, the only thing he needs to worry about is how to communicate with a pig, and how to fill his belly if that pig isn’t for eating. A mysterious continent, a pig, a young hero - are you ready for this great adventure?

Game features

Art Style

Through the ages, the landform of this continent changed a lot under the effect of the power of elements, and these gorgeous regions have been given some new names, such as Flaming Mountain, Dragon Bone Desert, Misty Swamp, and Howling Snowfield. In order to express the uniqueness of these regions, we have integrated both the 3D characters and more realistic environments. We have also referenced many other animation styles and films to make sure this ancient elemental continent is full of mysterious and fantastic appeal.

Explore Ancient Ruins

There are many ruins hiding somewhere on this continent, and many people have coveted the treasures deep in those ruins, but no one knows where they are anymore. Now, you are standing at the entrance of the ancient mysteries: do you have the courage to take on these challenges?

Combat experience

You can use melee weapons: stone sword and wooden shield. Either the sharp and light stone swords or wild and heavy wooden shields will bring different combat experiences to you. Don’t forget to use slingshot, the ranged weapon to make you adventure much easier. When you face to a strong enemy and boss fight, remember to check your backpack, and equip the most powerful weapon, or the coolest one if you want.

Make friends

You will make a lot of new friends on your journey, help the people who need help, and you will experience many amazing stories and get countless rewards from them.

About US

Hi~ We are a game development team from Shenzhen, China. KAKU: Ancient seal is a relaxing and delightful adventure game developed by us. In the game, we have created an ancient continent full of the power of elements, and we hope that players of different types can find their own happiness when they adventure on this continent. We will participate in Steam Next Fest: October 2022 and have prepared a brand-new demo version for players to experience. If you like our game, don't forget to add your Wishlist and follow our store page, wish you a wonderful gaming experience!

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