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By Corey "Salty Truth" Floyd

Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the worst video game launches in modern times. The game was a buggy mess. The suits deceived people with gameplay on PC because the console port was trash. Playstation removed it from their marketplace and was issuing refunds.

The suits at the company ignored the developers' suggestions and went full steam ahead. To be fair, this is not the first game that had so much hype behind it to have a horrible launch i.e, No Man's Sky. After a year of patching and updates, I think this is the game I wish came out at launch. I am a firm defender of this game. I wanna talk about why I stan for NIght City.

A lot of people don't know that Cyberpunk began as a tabletop game by the same name. It was made in 1988 just six years after Blade Runner came out. I often wonder if they helped each other in the long run. The follow-up is cyberpunk 2020, which came out in 1990. The most recent addition Cyberpunk Red came out in 2020. If you're already invested in the tabletop game, the video game is the next step since a lot of elements and storylines come into play. If you haven't played the tabletop game, you can still hop straight into the video and not feel left out. But if you do decide to pick up the tabletop and get more invested in the world you'll see 2077 in a different light. Also, the creator of it all is Mike Pondsmith, a black man from Santa Cruz, so I gotta show some support for black creators, especially in a space where they are sparse.

They give you three different life paths to choose from. Now sometimes when options like this come up it changes only a few conversations in the game and your character's backstory. Here you can help set up your character to be a badass. For example, there is a boss fight that can and will happen as one character that can be avoided as another if you're cool enough. This brings up another point. You can build your character to be anything. Wanna be great with guns? Wanna be such a great hacker that you can take down your enemies just by looking at them? Wanna bring a sword to a gunfight and win?

It can be done. If you wanna reset your point and try a whole new strategy? You can reset your points for a small fee.

The game's story is pretty wild. You will see some very interesting situations in each character path you chose. You can find yourself in a Mexican standoff in a corporate highrise. How about a fistfight with a maniac clown with a grenade for a nose ( not even kidding). Help out a tribe of nomad mercenaries on missions? Help a cop find missing children whose location is hidden in the memories of a killer who is in a coma. There are a lot of mysteries in this game, you just have to be willing to look. You can turn a corner and find a new car with no strings attached or a three-piece suit that makes you almost untouchable. You have to be an adventurer though not afraid to fall off the beaten path.

The last thing there is a lot of DLC coming out. There is a small window for the game to make a big comeback, and a lot is gonna ride on DLC. I doubt it will all be free, but a good chunk of it should be. The players who have been around since day one, flaws and all need to be taken care of. No man's Sky saved face with their DLC and support over the last few years. They need the same magic here. If people are willing to give them a chance the same way they gave Bethesda a chance with fallout 76, you could be engaging with one of the best games. I know I sound like an overzealous fanboy. You're right, I am. I'm a huge fan of the tabletop and a huge fan of the game, and by the look of people online, there are new fans every day. So, I hope to catch you in Night City sometime.

Stay Salty, my Friends!

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