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Terror Endless Night!

Terror Day is here! Play the demo and watch the new trailer for the upcoming ice-cold horror strategy game, Terror: Endless Night!

Feel the cold embrace of the sea in Terror: Endless Night, a frosty survival-strategy game inspired by true events. Play the demo TODAY, take control of your ship and enter the endless night!

Feardemic and Unseen Silence are certainly going into the Fall season under full sail. Their horror strategy game inspired by Dan Simmons’s novel, Terror: Endless Night is dropping its first demo AND a new trailer TODAY, for the current Steam Festival. If you’re a fan of “The Terror” book or enjoyed the tv show under the same name, you’ll surely enjoy Terror: Endless Night as well. In the game, you will take care of your crew and manage your ship while it’s stuck on the ice during its voyage to rescue HMS „Erebus” and HMS „Terror”, which played the first fiddle in the aforementioned works. In the demo, however, you’ll witness the last days of Erebus, and see the crew we’ve all come to love. Head over to the Terror: Endless Night Steam page to add the game to your wishlist, and enter the endless night!

About Terror: Endless Night: Set out on a rescue mission into the harsh cold of the Arctic Ocean in search of HMS “Erebus” and HMS “Terror" in this turn-based strategy game. What will YOU do when harsh weather and limited supplies force you into impossible decisions?

🧊 Manage your crew ⚓ Each crew member is a living person with their own skills, and they all have their needs that need to be taken care of but so does the ship. Assign shifts, manage your supplies, and pass laws, all to one end - survive.

🧊 Make decisions and live with their consequences ⚓ Trapped in ice and with limited supplies, you’ll be forced to make difficult decisions to keep your crew alive. Will you show compassion or let the shattering frost reduce human lives to a cold-hearted calculus? Will you die with dignity or feed on your comrade’s body to live another day? What will you do?

🧊 Stay sane ⚓ The harsh cold and the polar night are reasons enough for someone to break. Add hunger, pain, and seeing your crewmates perish, either from the elements or by their own hand, and the weight of your reality becomes simply unbearable. You may yet come back from this mission, but will it be with body and brain intact? Terror: Endless Night is coming to PCs and consoles in 2023.

If you'd like to know more about the game, please visit the developer's website or Twitter or the publisher's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. You can also join their Discord server.

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