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Let's play Dyno Punk: Steam fest Next

Dynopunk is an ironic adventure with cyberpunk aesthetics set in a world where humans have been replaced by dinosaurs. Become a top-notch repair shop mechanic: fix gadgets, have heart-to-heart talks, and offer drinks to your customers — everything to fulfill your ultimate dream.

Introducing a new trailer that will showcase the world and the many individual character stories of Dynopunk in greater detail!

The new title by Tomato Fantasy Games indie studio will take you to an alternative world of the future where dinosaurs have settled the Earth instead of people and are now living in high-tech megalopolises. The Dynopunk demo offers a chance to live a full day as a resident of a cyber city, but there is a catch — you will now have to deal with having much shorter arms! Every dinosaur in the bustling Synth-City has its own story, goals, and dreams. It is his ultimate ambition that beckons Chris, the game's protagonist, toward neon metropolitan lights. While it may initially seem that he is really close to achieving his goal of acquiring a repair shop and becoming a first-class repair master, the best technician in town... But the moment you start playing, you will quickly realize that not everything is as it looks. Chris is the last living T. rex after all, so he dreams of building a time machine in order to go back to the past and find his true love. Whether he succeeds or not depends entirely on the quality of your repair work and customer communication skills. The demo features:

  • One in-game day of running your own workshop where you can learn the secrets of equipment repairs. Disassemble and replace parts by carving out the required chips. You can even play a prank on your customers if you wish... or have an ulterior motive. Just be ready to face the consequences!

  • Great opportunity to exchange pleasantries with a quirky assistant — a talking printer that enjoys teasing Chris about his little arms and likes to give questionable business advice.

  • Drink serving simulator, which affects not only the customers' mood but also the size of your tip.

  • Original, 80s-inspired Lo-fi soundtrack! Pour yourself a cup of hot tea, then sit back, relax, and get immersed in the story.

  • Many interesting characters will pay a visit to your repair shop. Each of them comes with unique traits, dreams, and a personal story that can be influenced by player choice.

  • Dialogues full of irony, jokes, references, and Easter eggs to cheer you up!

  • Pixelated graphics inspired by 1990s retro gaming.

See you in Synth-City!


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