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EXPLORE THE VOID: Void train Steam Next Fest

Build your own interdimensional train, fight deadly creatures, and explore the mysterious world of Voidtrain alone or together with friends

February 6, 2023, | HypeTrain Digital is excited to announce that Voidtrain takes part in the Steam Next Fest (Feb 6-13) with a brand new demo - it is already up on its Steam page and available for download. The game is featured by Steam and is the second most wishlisted title among all the participants. Voidtrain is already available on Epic Games Store, where it has sold over 100k copies since its early-access launch in August 2021. Voidtrain on Steam:

You don't need a Key to try the Demo now - just go to the Steam Page and start the download!

In Voidtrain, you become a crew member of an Interdimensional Express Train. Explore a vast ever-changing world full of mysteries and dangers. Upgrade and customize your train, gather new materials, build better weapons and fight various enemies to survive. Play solo or online сo-op with up to 4 people. The new demo is different from all the previous ones, as well as from the beginning of the EGS version of the game, and features around 45 minutes of gameplay with all the core mechanics for you to try out. Besides, it supports co-op too - don't forget to invite your friends!

EXPLORE THE VOID Explore a vast ever-changing world full of mysteries and unique places. Discover floating islands with puzzles and dangerous fauna. Make your way through minefields and visit depots. Meet adorable Rofleemo and make them part of your crew. The Void has much to offer for those seeking adventure, so get ready to accept its challenges! BUILD YOUR TRAIN You won't simply expand the train, but you'll build it yourself from scratch. Start with an empty trolley and develop it into a proper train with multiple wagons and an advanced engine. Customize the look of your train and fill it with all sorts of objects: from storages and workbenches to decorations and tables for mini games.

FIGHT TO SURVIVE The Void is a dangerous place, and you’ll face a variety of enemies on your way: from regular soldiers to bloodthirsty sharks. Craft and customize your weapons and equipment, escape from being chased, stand against multiple enemy waves in the arenas, clear outposts, and be prepared to constantly fight for your life.

Social Media: Website / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter / Discord About HypeTrain Digital HypeTrain Digital is an indie game publisher for PC and consoles. Their mission is to help young developers deliver their games to worldwide audiences, regardless of genre or platform. Working with a diverse team of industry professionals, they’ve led numerous games to success across the world, including Stoneshard, Breathedge, Black Book, and The Wild Eight.


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