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The Boogeyman has a new name: The Harrower #1

As long as humans have been telling stories we have created ways to scare each other. With urban legends like the vanishing hitchhiker, Bloody Mary, or the most recent one Slender Man. But what happens with the spirit of vengeance is real and this small town hides the secret. Welcome to Barlowe, New York, and hope

you don’t run into The Harrower.

We start off with a detective returning home saying how the town did what it had to do the sacrifices he had me make, and He’d do it all over again just as he steps into his house and saw the all too familiar symbol of vengeance. No regret he tells himself just as The Harrower slams through his front door and enacts the same terror he put others through. But the story revolves around a group of teenagers. Sitting in history class and their teacher is educating them on the symbol of the harrower and why the urban legend exists and that it’s not just an urban legend but really something that has existed for as long as the town existed. Just an old history teacher trying to get some form of fun in for Halloween Jessa’s friend says as they bump into friends saying they have to come to the party tonight.

Jessa’s not sure if she can make it today is the anniversary of her little brother's death. Just then Jessa’s boyfriend Reed and Carter almost get into a fight before Carter lets them know that the Harrower is coming for all of them as he storms out the door and into the smashed front door and sees his father on full display pinned to a wall. No tears, no sadness, Just forgiveness as he goes to his room. We see Jessa and her friends on the way to the party when spike strips tear through the front tire. With no cell service and in the middle of the party and the tire shop the gang splits up but everyone doesn’t make it to their destination. It

seems The Harrower has servants of his own.

Written by Justin Jordan and all the art cover and inside were done by Brahm Revel This first issue is a great setup for what seems like an old-school slasher movie. As a reader that’s not a fan of horror, this is making my pull list. This is right up there with


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