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Trapped in a dating sim game: Comic Boss Review

One day, due to being blackmailed by her younger sister, Leon ends up having to play an Otome game. After finishing the game against his will, he falls down the stairs and is Isekaied. Leon is thrust into the Otome world, where women rule and fawn over men who are ultra-gorgeous and rich. If you don't fit into those two categories, you'll be treated like shit. Leon wants no part of it, so he uses his foreknowledge of the game to manipulate this new world.


Leon Bartfort- Narcissistic Hero

My favorite thing about him was he didn't give a fuck. He was a horrible person but used his evil skills to help the people close to him.

Olivia and Angelica- The love interests.

Leon actually plays Olivia in the game but becomes a background character in this world. She's the polar opposite of Leon, the sweet to his sour. Leon is determined to set her story straight even if it costs him.

Angelica- the antagonist. Turned friend

In the beginning, she's mean and cold. She walks around with her nose in the air looking down on people. She's the type of character you love to hate. Until Leon, a mob character comes to her rescue, then we see a better side of her.

Marie- the new villain

She has a side story of her own. To marry the prince and his friends to live in the lap of luxury. Except Leon keeps getting in her way. She and the hero have a history together you'll just have to watch and see.


Leon being an asshole was the main reason I loved this anime. He was an asshole but not to the people he liked. He really admires his etiquette teacher and went above and beyond to gain his approval. On one hand, he embarrasses the prince and his friends knocking them down a peg or two. Then he's risking his life for Olivia and Angelica. The anime is stupid and over the top. It has mechs, magic, guns, and swords. Don't let the super long title fool you.

Trapped in a Dating Sim the World of Otome Games Is Tough for Mobs gets an 8.5 for me. Also, go for the sub on this one

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