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I only need one wish: Eight Billion Genies Review

What would be the one thing you wish for the most? Would it be the power to fly, to have a billion dollars, to cure the world of all illnesses? Or would it be personal, something just for you? That's what we're talking about what if everyone in the world got one wish? Their own personal genie. Things are about to get weird.


Things Just Got Weird!

The story starts off with most people going about their day in the normal world living their normal lives. A young boy walks into a bar, (I'm not joking that's how it started,) and gets offered a drink by the bartender.

"It's your birthday what will it be?"

On the other side of the world, a baby is born, and everyone gets a birthday wish. Well, everyone gets a genie which is way better because they actually make your wish come true.

Then poof all of a sudden everyone has this adorable-looking spectral person in your face saying.

"Hi, I'm your personal genie you only get one wish, and be as specific as possible. Because what you say will affect your wish. Now, what do you want?"

(By this time, I'm totally pulled into the story)

One bar owner of the Lamp Wick bar makes the best wish you'll have to read it to figure it out (or click the video below.)

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