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Candy Corn Sucks!!Aka Horror Pics for this season


Hey everybody it's that spooky time of year. Pumpkin patches, scarecrows lattes, and Ugg boots. My favorite part is horror movies. Horror has been doing great this year. I wanted to talk about a few scary shows and movies you and your friends can enjoy or have them playing in the background of your Halloween house parties. Here's a list of things to watch and where you can watch them

Hellraiser: Hulu

The reboot of Hellraiser was needed. The franchise became a cheap shell of its former self and each entry only got worse. A reboot in this case was needed. Upon the announcement of the reboot, they also said that pinhead would be played by a female actress. Movie purists were mad until they learned that the character had a female form in the book. Jaime Clayton killed the role. The film was directed by David Bruckner who directed one of the segments from V/H/S. They bought beauty horror and scale back to the franchise and I hope there will be another installment. The mix of practical and CGI is on point. The pacing is a bit off plus some scenes go on too long. In a world of shitty remakes, this one is worth the watch. Grade B+

V/H/S ‘99: Shudder app

The VHS anthology series has been enjoying a comeback. Last year VHS 94 was a return to form after the mediocre VHS viral entry. Now this one just came out and I haven't had the pleasure of watching it yet. But if you have Hulu, you can watch the first one. These are done by up-and-coming directors some of them have already gone on to bigger projects (I.E. Hellraiser) now all of these are found footage style pieces so if you don't like the subgenre hang on, I got something else for you. These stories go into all areas

slasher, zombie, and gargoyle it's gonna be worth a watch.

Final grade: pending

Terrifier 2: Apple +

Okay, so even though everything I've talked about is rated R. That being said I ask you to exercise caution here. The first movie is gory as hell, and they stepped it up for the sequel. Art the clown might be the newest king of the slashers. I have not finished watching this because it got too nasty, but I will. If you are ready for mindless gore and torture this is for you, but I warn you once again this is not for the faint of heart.

Final grade: pending

Interview with a Vampire: AMC +

The original movie is one of my personal favorites and I was against this project from the jump. But I walked into it trying to give it a chance. I was enlightened. The show is not a reboot in any way, shape, or form the show is more of a sequel to the first film but with a drastic recasting. Jacob who played Greyworm for Game of Thrones takes the lead as Louis. Louis invites the journalist to his home once again. He realizes that the interview from the 90s was too vague and had a foreboding sense of melancholy that he has finally evolved from. He would like to tell his full story again with better details. I got invested in this show very quickly. Sam Reid plays Lestat he is filling in the shoes of Tom Cruise and I have to say he his owning the role. The show is macabre, yet stunning and their chemistry blends like a shaken drink. It is on another streaming app which makes me worry about its survival.

Final grade: A

Jeepers Creepers Reborn: VOD

Well, you can’t win them all. This was the absolute worse horror film I’ve seen this year. I understand that they had to make a fresh new story, but this wasn't it. The story felt generic. I’ve seen YouTube horror stories shot better, the acting was meh, to say the least. The creeper looks awful and not in a good way. You would have a better time having the Creeper on the game Dead by daylight. I would rather be Art the Clown's next victim than watch this again. I didn't think you could do worse than the last film but clearly, I was mistaken. The franchise is dead and buried RIP. I assure please save our money on this one.

Final grade: F

Chucky: Syfy channel

When Syfy announced a Chucky series, I was under the assumption that it would be a reboot based on the new movie. Franchise creator, Don Mancini, reveals that the series is a canonical successor to the recent films under his control (see Cult of Chucky & Curse of Chucky). The story brings the Demonic Doll back to his original hometown. This brings murder and mayhem to his new friend to the end Jake. We also get some interesting backstory on Chucky with interesting flashbacks. Brad Dourif is still voicing the killer doll, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I thought that having this on a channel like Syfy would have neutered the violence. It keeps the same energy as the films and still drops f-bombs. The series is beautifully done and is currently in Season 2. It’s a really good watch and expands the mythos of this crazy doll. It's worth the watch. Also, the young cast is well most of the time kid actors suck but this is not the case here. They carry the show on its back, but Chucky is still the star.

Chucky: A

Halloween Ends: Peacock

The absolute final installment of the Halloween franchise. After over-the-top “Evil Dies Tonight,” Halloween Kills. This one pace is slowed down exponentially. The last installment becomes more of a character study of Laurie and her granddaughter trying to have a normal life. Meanwhile, we get introduced to a new character Corey and watch how a town that lives in fear of Michael Myers ends up making another monster. This film can divide an audience. I like the movie, but I wish they introduced Corey in the previous movies. This new character gets way too much screen time. It feels like someone new came in on the writing staff and wanted to make a completely different movie. In the end, the landing was rough, but they made it work in the end.

Final Grade: C-

Well, that's it for me if you're not watching anything this Halloween just remember no one is putting drugs in your kids' candy. They are too expensive. Make sure you keep your edibles somewhere your kids don't have access to. But seriously have a happy and safe Halloween.


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