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​JP SIMMONS AND BH GIBBS are two nerds who fell in love and decided to share their geekery with the world.  We write about power-hungry vampires, wise old witches, psychotic wolves, and freaky dragons. We run Amerime Media with a lot of heart and stalker-like focus and dedication






Corey “Saltytruth” Floyd is a journalist/blogger/podcast host for Amerime media.  A self-proclaimed Blerd (black nerd), he has a deep love for comics, video games, D&D,  and card games. His deepest passion is for Cinema. Don’t let the Blerdness fool you, Mr. Floyd can have a debate on who’s a better Spider-Man and why Michael Bay is a lot smarter than we think he is. He’s a bit of a TV buff too, always researching actors and writers of various shows. He likes to look into the details. Corey has been told that he’s quite charming. (we at Amerime have no idea who told him this) Other times, he’s told “He ain’t shit” more than likely it’s XIII The Almighty saying it. Be sure to check us out and buy a shirt.!!


Niko Smith is an artist who absolutely loves her job and everything that comes with it. She appreciates the people she meets, the places she goes, the hours she keeps, and the spontaneity in every shoot and project.

She loves the raw reality of her everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and she does her very best to bring that to every photo, film, and performance.


Lamont is studying graphic design and videography at the Community College of Philadelphia. He is a host of the Geek Report on Amerime Media’s YouTube channel and a host of Amerime Junkie Podcast and CEO of Skull House Graphics. He designs most of the promo and book covers for Amerime. He is a semi-pro gamer and prides himself on being a sensitive asshole!


contact Lamont @






SiddeeQah Love is a cosplaying, anime-loving GirlBoss who works smart and plays hard. She was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and currently manages two organizations: LoSiBa, a design firm that offers everything from sewing classes to website design to social media coordination and Cosplay Philadelphia, a cosplay organization offering events and unique programming to the vast nerd community. She has worked with companies and brands such as Paramount Studios, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Orchestra, ReedPOP, 20th Century FOX, Barnes & Noble, Free Library of Philadelphia, and many more! 

SiddeeQah is a contributor to Amerime Junkies Podcast and hosts a special segment called Blerd Love, where she drops gems on dating in the Blerd culture.


IG: cosplayphiladelphia


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